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2023 Compensation Study

This is CBAA’s fourth compensation survey and the only one in Canada that tracks explicitly business aviation as a separate sector. This year’s study covers compensation data for 2022 collected from 69 organizations, including 49 association members. Approximately 60% of the firms covered in this year’s study also participated last year.

Beyond pay rates, the report offers findings on a broad spectrum of employment practices and benefits to present a fuller picture of how business aviation operators attract and retain their workforce.

Among other key findings, the Base pay rates in 2022 across most job families continued to exceed pre-COVID (2019) compensation rates. 

As in prior years’ findings, the corporate aviation sector continues to report generally higher compensation rates relative to other sectors of the industry. And it has paid, on average, 11% higher than Airlines/Charter firms and 19% higher than Maintenance/Manufacturing firms across comparable job families. Although business aviation may be a niche within the aviation sector, it is a lucrative one. 

Economic Impact Study
Economic Impact of Business Aviation Operations and Business Aircraft Manufacturing in Canada, 2023.
Final Report

A detailed examination of business aviation’s impact on our economy.

Rapport Final

Les conclusions de notre plus récente étude des retombées économiques. Cette étude permet de mieux comprendre les contributions significatives de l'exploitation de l'aviation d'affaires et de la construction d'avions d'affaires à l'économie canadienne.

NEXA Report

An examination of the superior financial performance by companies that use business aviation compared with those that don’t.

Type Ratings


The processing of Type Rating applications is an Operator Member benefit. Please email Aime O'Connor or contact at 613-236-5611 ext. 2 with questions.

Type Rating CBAA Application Form

To complete the above application form, follow the steps below.

Once all paperwork is in order, forward to Aime O'Connor.

Single Pilot/High Performance Type Rating

Please ensure all the following items are included when submitting your application under CAR 421.40 (3)(c):

  1. Completed CBAA application form
    • Note: Applicants are not authorized to sign off on their own application form, even if they are the chief pilot.
  2. Record of training
  3. Copy of medical
  4. Copy of expiry date of Aviation Document booklet
  5. Copy of most recent sticker/label
  6. Copy of pilot license for individual providing recommendation or signing the application
    • Note: The person completing the recommendation must meet CAR 425.27 (7)(a) criteria, holding a CPL or ATPL pilot license with the applicable type rating and having at least 10 hours on that particular type.
  7. Competency check report
  8. Letter from training facility indicating that the check examiner is an authorized examiner on the aircraft type
    • Ensure the aircraft designator listed on the applications is consistent with Transport Canada's type designator list.
    • Applicant must have completed ground training on the aircraft type and have successfully completed a qualifying flight within the last 12 months.
    • PPL holders must have at least 200 hrs pilot flight time in aeroplanes.
Two Crew Type Rating

Please ensure all the following items are included when submitting your application underCAR 421.40 (3):

  1. Completed CBAA application form
    • Please note the applicants are not authorized  to sign off on their own application form even as chief pilot
  2. Record of training
  3. Copy of medical
  4. Copy of expiry date of Aviation Document booklet
  5. Copy of most recent sticker/label
  6. Competency check report
  7. Letter from training facility indicating that the check examiner is an authorized examiner on the aircraft type
    • The chief pilot or the designate completes Part "C". Ensure that the aircraft designator listed on the application is consistent with Transport Canada's type designator list.
    • When PPL or CPL holders are applying for a Two Crew Type Rating proof of IATRA, or SARON and SAMRA exams are required. If applicant holds ATPL - requirements have already been met.

Risk Management System

Available to operator members at no charge, the CBAA Risk Management System (RMS) is a proven system that allows private operators to meet the minimum regulatory requirements with the least effort.  It consists of a sample Operations Manual (including an Audit Manual and Audit Checklists) requiring very little customization and supporting documentation, as well as an online RMS that seamlessly addresses the SMS, QA, and Management Review of SMS requirements.  You simply log into the RMS and file RMS reports, create and monitor a safety profile addressing identified potential and actual hazards and risks, create and monitor safety plans and safety results, review SMS results and contribute de-identified SMS data to the National Aggregate Database (NAD).   The NAD aggregates this risk and safety data and provides users with the sector risk profile, common hazards, safety trends, safety lessons learned, best practices and mitigations which are shared with other RMS users.

Confidentiality is assured.  Information is only published once it has been validated by the operator and checked by the CBAA RMS gatekeeper to ensure report validity and de-identification.


General Information

The CBAA RMS allows you to:

  • Document SMS compliance, QA results (assuming all audit findings are entered as SMS reports), and review SMS results;
  • Add reports simply and quickly to the operator’s SMS and ultimately the NAD, by entering only the minimum required information into an SMS report, even if you do not use the CBAA RMS to meet documentation requirements; Upload batch SMS reports to the NAD via your account
  • Quickly access the NAD and other services through a specially designed dashboard
  • Automatically update any changes to any SMS report and coincidently the NAD information once the report has been validated by the operator and published by the NAD gatekeeper; and
  • Do your own analysis of the NAD for trends, successful mitigations and corrective actions, and sector safety performance.

The CBAA sample manual:

  • Is a joint development of Aerofoil Consulting and the CBAA;
  • Is available free of charge to operator members who register for the CBAA RMS;
  • Comes in two versions, one for a no employees operation and one for with employees operations and address both PPC and TTPP competency certification programs;
  • Has been reviewed by TC; therefore, the risk of error or omissions in these manuals is low which has been verified by TC inspection of members using the manual and RMS ; and
  • Incorporates the CBAA RMS as the means of documenting compliance with the CAR 604 SMS, QA and Review of the SMS requirements.

Administration information for the CBAA RMS and the sample manuals:

This program is a tool that will provide significant support to member operators in their safety compliance and planning.  

 Program partners OBDS, Aerofoil Consulting and

AnchorMEL Application

We are pleased to announce that the MEL delegate is Ed Ratzlaff, President of Aerofoil Consulting who brings years of experience in safety, quality, and management systems to the role, and has the expertise and knowledge to review the highly technical documentation related to MELs. 
In the interest of simplifying business aviation the application process has been revised and applicants should now contact Aerofoil directly at or 204-479-0594.

We are aiming for a six-week turn around time (TC approvals can take up to a year!) with one caveat:  This is a pilot project and actual processing times may vary due to workload and unforeseen circumstances.

AnchorPartners in Safety

The CBAA has a simple and effective solution that can help you implement and remain compliant with your safety requirements, with a program that has been designed specifically to support Canadian business aviation operations.

In partnership with experts in this field, including Aerofoil Consulting, OBDS and, Partners-in-Safety offers: 

  • On-line CBAA  Risk Management System (RMS): this easy to use tool is specifically designed to help corporate flight departments meet SMS requirements. Together with the sample CBAA Operations Manual it is designed to meet all applicable SMS, QA and Management Review of SMS requirements.
  • CBAA RMS Training: Training on how to use the on-line system is provided by 
  • CBAA Sample Operations Manual (OM): two versions of this manual are available free of charge to members.  One meets the needs of small corporate operators and the other those of owner-operators. The manual includes a QA audit manual and checklists and requires minimal customization. The original manual was reviewed by Transport Canada and those members using the manual as intended have successfully passed Transport Canada inspections.  Basic assistance with the CBAA Sample OM is available free of charge to CBAA members.
  • Downloadable resources: in addition to the Sample Operations Manual for small operators, we have a variety of other downloadable resources, including a full-scale SMS Manual and guidance material that has been vetted by Transport Canada for larger, more complex operators for an $800 fee, and much more.

Partners in Safety is part of the CBAA’s ongoing commitment to ensure that Canadian business aviation is recognized by Transport Canada and the world as a model sector for safety initiatives and best practices. 

Interested in additional information? Contact us directly at 613-236-5611 or

Program sponsor, NAV CANADA

Program partners On Board Data Systems and Aerofoil Consulting.

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