The Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) promotes education and training as a means for individuals to increase their knowledge and professionalism. 

The CBAA Business Schedulers and Dispatchers Scholarship Committee will provide an opportunity for current and prospective Canadian schedulers and dispatchers  and Air Cadets to receive bursary toward continuing their education.

CBAA would like to thank the following sponsors

Air Service Hawaii, America  AirSprint, Canadian 
 Flight Safety, Canadian Jet Aviation, American 
 Million Air, Canadian & American NBAA, American 
 Sheltair, American Signature, Canadian & American
 Skyplan, Canadian World Fuel, Canadian 


Meet the Schedulers and Dispatchers Scholarship Committee

From left to right: Susan Gunn - P.M. Air, Anneke Urquhart - Sobeys Group Inc., Karen Kroeppel - Sheltair Aviation Services, Craig Mariacci - Skyplan Services Limited, Dolores Johnson - Million Air, Kellie Rittenhouse - Hangar Aviation Management, Susan Panos - Jet Aviation