CBAA Online Risk Management System (RMS)

Available to operator members at no charge, the CBAA Risk Management System (RMS) is a proven system that allows private operators to meet the minimum regulatory requirements with the least effort.  It consists of a sample Operations Manual (including an Audit Manual and Audit Checklists) requiring very little customization and supporting documentation, as well as an online RMS that seamlessly addresses the SMS, QA, and Management Review of SMS requirements.  You simply log into the RMS and file RMS reports, create and monitor a safety profile addressing identified potential and actual hazards and risks, create and monitor safety plans and safety results, review SMS results and contribute de-identified SMS data to the National Aggregate Database (NAD).   The NAD aggregates this risk and safety data and provides users with the sector risk profile, common hazards, safety trends, safety lessons learned, best practices and mitigations which are shared with other RMS users.

Confidentiality is assured.  Information is only published once it has been validated by the operator and checked by the CBAA RMS gatekeeper to ensure report validity and de-identification.

The CBAA is indebted to to our program partners OBDS and Aerofoil Consulting.



The CBAA RMS allows you to:

  1. Document SMS compliance, QA results (assuming all audit findings are entered as SMS reports), and review SMS results;
  2. Add reports simply and quickly to the operator’s SMS and ultimately the NAD, by entering only the minimum required information into an SMS report, even if you do not use the CBAA RMS to meet documentation requirements; Upload batch SMS reports to the NAD via your account
  3. Quickly access the NAD and other services through a specially designed dashboard
  4. Automatically update any changes to any SMS report and coincidently the NAD information once the report has been validated by the operator and published by the NAD gatekeeper; and
  5. Do your own analysis of the NAD for trends, successful mitigations and corrective actions, and sector safety performance.

The CBAA sample manual:

  1. Is a joint development of Aerofoil Consulting and the CBAA;
  2. Is available free of charge to operator members who register for the CBAA RMS;
  3. Comes in two versions, one for a “no employees” operation and one for “with employees” operations and address both PPC and TTPP competency certification programs;
  4. Has been reviewed by TC; therefore, the risk of error or omissions in these manuals is low which has been verified by TC inspection of members using the manual and RMS ; and
  5. Incorporates the CBAA RMS as the means of documenting compliance with the CAR 604 SMS, QA and Review of the SMS requirements.

Administration information for the CBAA RMS and the sample manuals:

  1. To register, (if you are not already registered in the Baldwin NAD), go to , click on Login, then click on Register and Account, provide the information requested and send the email.
  2. Direct any questions or comments on the CBAA RMS to and;
  3. Direct any questions or comments on the sample manual(s) to Ed Ratzlaff except for questions or comments on the Risk Management chapter in which case direct these questions to


This program is a tool that will provide significant support to member operators in their safety compliance and planning.  The CBAA is indebted to our program partners OBDS and Aerofoil Consulting.