What is the CBAA Partners in Safety Program?

Partners in Safety is a three-part program designed to ensure that our members have access to all the right tools to comply with current safety regulations that is practical, cost-effective and scalable to operations of all sizes.

1.      Risk Management System for reports on  aviation hazard and risk information that  enable and facilitate compliance. 
The Canadian Business Aviation Risk Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive approach to complying with CAR 604 requirements. It includes sample operations manuals, a system to document compliance with SMS, QA, and Review of SMS requirements and access to the National Aggregate Database. The system uses the latest internet security protocols to assure secure access and data confidentiality.  All data is stored in Canada.  Members may register  by going to https://nad.obds.com/framework/ clicking on Login and then on Request an Account.  The system is available to members at no charge.

2.     CBAA Member SMS, including templates and guidance materials, fully compliant with the 604 regulations and have been vetted by Transport Canada

3.      Flight Data Analysis, a valuable source of data that is an integral part of a functional SMS, to be released later in 2015.


Partners in Safety is part of the CBAA’s ongoing commitment to ensure that Canadian business aviation is recognized by Transport Canada and the world as a model sector for safety initiatives and best practices. 

The CBAA is indebted to the program sponsors, NAV CANADA and Bombardier Business Aircraft and to our program partners On Board Data Systems and Aerofoil Consulting.