Want more detailed market comparisons for the 2019 CBAA Compensation Survey?

Don’t miss the June 11th compensation survey submission deadline. For more information, please contact Aime O’Connor.

The Wynford Group can provide 2 options for customized market reports:

  1. Wynford produces custom reports by comparing the participant’s salary data to market rates based on a select number of companies and data points. The custom reports can be based on:
    • Industry type
    • Location
    • Company size                      Cost Minimum of $250 for up to 5 positions


  2. Access to Wynford’s COMPASS Custom Reporting Tool calibrated for the 2019 CBAA Aviation survey. COMPASS allows participants to produce their own market comparisons against a choice of peer group comparators (minimum 8  organizations) or by sectors as in option 1. This is a self-serve format and will accessible 24/7 using the Wynford Group’s platform. Cost $500 for unlimited reports


For further information on customized reports contact Sean Reid.