Visit the BizAv YTI team at the Careers in Aviation Expo

Saturday, May 25 will mark of the second time the BizAv Young Talent Initiative (BizAvYTI) will participate in the yearly WINGS Careers in Aviation Day (Western Canada). Attending the event both as exhibitors and presenters, the BizAVYTi representatives aim to highlight the presence of business aviation at the event, inspiring students and young professionals to pursue careers in the industry. In the afternoon, BizAv YTI co-founder Gray Norman will present overview of the industry as well as his own career path and his journey from aspiring airline pilot to sales representative for a major bizav aircraft manufacturer. This presentation marks the team’s third major event in Calgary over the past six months. Later this year, the BizAv YTI team will also attend and present at the Careers in Aviation event held for Eastern Canada in Toronto.