Updates to CBAA Members-only services

CBAA Risk Management System (RMS)

Thanks to user input, two changes have recently been made to the system: “pilot” user privileges have been restricted to permit pilots to change only the reports they have filed; and the Safety Plan module has a new “Activities” tab to permit users to document activities supporting their Safety Plan.

 Login at https://nad.obds.com/framework/Login.a5w and check out the changes.     


CBAA Member Forum

The Member-only Forum system response time has been improved and a search tab added to allow the entire forum to be searched. 

Login at https://www.cbaa-acaa.ca/iCore/Contacts/Sign_In.aspx?WebsiteKey=8f74cd30-fdac-4d7f-84f6-9de55b13003e&LoginRedirect=true&returnurl=%2FCBAA%2FHome%2FCBAA%2Fhome.aspx%3Fhkey%3D5ac27461-8666-4a9e-9b61-3cc1c52f4ca6 and click on Member Forum to see the improvements. 


For login credentials, please contact Lindsay Berndt at lberndt@cbaa.ca.