Sterling Aviation Services Inc. - Online Aviation Food Safety Program

Did you Know…. Anyone who handles food must be instructed and trained in food handling practices specific to aviation as per AOHS 4.14.  There have been numerous findings throughout our industry, and as the voice of Safety, we are ensuring every operator is in the know.  Whether you are operating under 604, 704, or 705, this compliancy must be met.  Not all business aircraft provide a PAOBD on board to be of service to our passengers and clients, however, food is usually requested and presented.  Whether it’s your pilots, flight coordinators, ground handlers or dispatchers that are responsible for ordering, delivering or serving food for your aircraft’s needs, they must be compliant.  Our needs are unique, just as our business is! 

Sterling Aviation Services has created an online Aviation Food Safety Program to address the need and requirement for compliancy specific to Aviation Food Safety.  For more information, go to

Sterling would be happy to offer all CBAA members for the month of October a 25% discount to ensure their compliancy.