Remembering Ric Cade

We are sad to announce that Ric Cade passed away February 18, 2021.

Please visit the special Ric Cade memorial web page to make a donation to Hope Air in his name.

For everyone who knew Ric (which is almost everyone in Aviation in Canada and abroad) these words below are from some of his great friends and coworkers...


Ric enjoyed a long and varied career in aviation, retiring in 2010 after being with Innotech-Execaire on and off for 27 years. He held positions as Base Manager in YYZ and YYC, Maintenance Sales, and finally Aircraft Sales in YVR. He also worked for Field Aviation for a time as well.

"Ric was a great cook and after travelling a lot he enjoyed cooking instead of going out. He loved going to Maui over New years for well over 20 years and hosted a New Year's dinner with his patented marinated rock Cornish game hens. He sailed with us on many occasions and joined a group of 5 guys who took a yearly bachelor trip. He went over to the dark side however, when he bought a power boat. When he retired, he took up golf and we had a number of great rounds while in Maui. I've known him since 1970, through two wives and one longtime partner Anne. The number one thing that defined Ric, was his generosity" - Monty Bryant

"I met Ric in 1974, I think. We worked at a long-gone company called Stampede Aviation in YYC. It was a Cessna dealership, and Ric came to us from Shell Oil, where he had taken care of their Twin Otter up North.

He introduced himself by saying "How are you — I'm Ric Cade — that's with a silent P" — off to a great start!

He was done with wrenching and sold his tools to the guys in the hangar and went into the sales side of the business. I just handed some of the tools I bought to my son, who is in the trade.

Ric taught us all the value of good scotch, for which we thank him.

RIP Ric, you will be missed" - Mike Compston

"Ric always enjoyed the Aviation crowds at Landmark and post meetings at the Richmond Inn. Without any praise, Ric was always the FIRST person to give me a cheque for supporting CH.I.L.D Foundation or one of the charities we were supporting.

Ric also brought an abundance of toys for our Christmas Toy collection for Families and CH.I.L.D Foundation.

Ric was a silent giver, and truly loved being in aviation and with his Pacific CBAA 'Family'." - Scott Harrold

"Ric always enjoyed getting together for lunch, having a glass of Malbec, and catching up with friends. Without fail he would have a stack of news clippings waiting for me to ensure I had the latest news in aviation and business for me to succeed.

Ric taught me how life can throw you a curve ball and how one can still be positive and take it all in stride, except maybe when it comes to cell phones that is!

A very generous and good friend, RIP Ric" - Ken Moon


Remembering Ric's wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. Ric leaves behind so many special memories, gone but never forgotten. Always a friend of the CBAA.