The two major themes that emerged from the calls were 1) the short-term challenges that needed to be addressed arising from COVID-19 and 2) longer-term opportunities to grow business aviation in Canada.

You highlighted the importance of CBAA delivering timely and accurate information about COVID and asked that we continue the same level of engagement to keep members informed.

In the very short term, the key challenges are:

  • Getting a clear and nationally consistent interpretation on essential travel and quarantine rules (e.g. pilots travelling to the US for training purposes)
  • Finding good alternatives to traditional conventions and meetings, to build trust and understanding between operators and suppliers, such as virtual panels
  • Clearly spelling out the ROI of membership in CBAA

You noted that for the most part, that despite the current uncertainty, you are optimistic for the future, with more companies considering BA as an alternative to commercial flights. There is also an opportunity to educate average Canadians on the potential of using BA charter for certain types of their own travel, e.g. travelling with a family group of ten people. You also felt we have a new (and important) opportunity to change the way people think about BA. You suggested that we focus on:


  • The smaller aircraft and the day-to-day (and unglamorous) ways that business aircraft are used:
  • Our dedication to the environment: i.e. even though BA’s carbon footprint is insignificant (de minimis), the sector is committed to environmental mitigation, e.g. SAF
  • With the MEL delegation now in place, there is an opportunity to increase trust between regulators and industry to increase numbers of allowed delegations, replace antiquated regulations and take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Further influencing government policy and action by identifying non-partisan parliamentary leaders who would become legislative champions for a GA/BA caucus (longer-term goal)
  • Build partnerships to advance goals, e.g.


In case we missed something, or you thought of something you’d like to add, we have repeated the questions we raised with you below:


  • As an associate, what are the barriers to your operation?
  • How effective are the tools CBAA makes available to you?
  • Where do you see the pain point in the industry? What are the solutions to those problems?


  • What is your view of business aviation in the media? With government? With the public?
  •  Is there a need to change? Is there an audience type target? 
  • What is your view of business aviation and the environment? 
  • What does our association need to do to promote BA?