Recap on CBAA's Operator Listening Panel

A sincere thank you to those who registered and participated with the CBAA's Operator Listening Session. Your input is an important way for us to focus on the issues that matter most.

You told us that it is “almost impossible” to change the perception of our sector and that corporate use of BA has to fly under the radar in the public eye to avoid bad publicity and unwanted attention from tax auditors.  However, CBAA can play a meaningful role by pushing back against misinformation in the media and educating key decision-makers in business and government. 

You see CBAA’s primary role as removing barriers to current and future demand.  You asked us to:

  1. Take action to standardize and clarify CBSA agents’ interpretations of quarantine exemptions and expedite rapid testing to shorten quarantine for passengers and for business aviation company employees conducting their own business, including buying or selling aircraft or equipment.
  2. Continue to lobby to reduce restrictions on BA and ensure the successful modernization of CARs
  3. Ensure that new policies or relief measures include all segments of aviation, not only airlines
  4. Continue to lobby government to incentivize the use and production of SAF and to upgrade equipment to reduce operators’ carbon footprint
  5. Continue to provide members with real-time information via tools such as WhatsApp

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at