Optimism for the future of BA and Rolland Vincent’s Business Aviation Outlook

A national survey of CBAA members shows a level of optimism for the future of BA.  While the majority of respondents saw a more than 30 percent decline in flying between March and May, and expect a four to six month window before we get back to pre-cororavirus levels of service, they retain a sense of optimism.  Fully half of those questioned believed that the impact of COVID-19 on air travel would lead to an increased role that broadens our mission scope and introduces more passenger groups to BA. 

Rolland Vincent shared a similar view in his Business Aviation Outlook presented at CBAA’s online AGM and mini-conference, as people using business aviation do not have to deal with the challenging post-COVID airline environment, including slower boarding, longer security and border line ups, physical distancing, fewer flights, etc.

The CBAA is actively working with the government of Canada to find ways to remove tax and regulatory barriers to the use of our critical business tool.

Over the coming months, the CBAA is planning a series of online events featuring leading speakers who will explore a wide range of topics important to business aviation operators. Stay tuned for more information.