Notes from CBAA's Meeting with Transport Canada - January 31, 2023

Member submissions and the Association ongoing priorities informed the meetings agenda. Areas of discussion included Flight & Duty Times (FDT), PORD approval process, Approach ban & Cold Weather Corrections, and ADS-B Safety Privacy Concerns. 

On FDT, participants discussed its implementation with a specific focus on challenges by members who conduct non-scheduled charter operations, given that they cannot, as written, apply the Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) rules. In this regard, TC did recognize that there were challenges with FRMS rules and were investigating more flexible approaches to their implementation. Based on this, the CBAA will explore pilot project opportunities with Transport Canada to find practical solutions for charter operators using FRMS.

On PORD, it was noted that non-standardizations were observed in PORD approval processes. Following the discussion, TC agreed to work with the CBAA towards their resolution and considered opportunities to improve service. Further discussions within the CBAA will take place to identify areas of improvement toward identifying a pilot project like the one that led to the MEL delegation.

On Approach Ban & Cold Weather Corrections, TC advised that amended Approach Ban regulations were expected to be published in the fall of 2024 and that the earliest implementation date is expected to be in the spring of 2025. We continue to advocate that steps to simplify the requirements that surround Canada's Cold Weather Corrections are necessary. 

On ADS-B Safety & Privacy, the Associations concerns were explained to TC, including exploring options to minimize the issue with others, such as Nav Canada. One option discussed was a request to TC to consider the removal of the HEX Codes from the Aircraft Register. Such removal would significantly reduce the ability of those wanting to track aircraft movement. Combined with this approach, owners could also consider changing HEX codes periodically to limit identification and tracking further. TC agreed to consider the request further but noted that this might also impinge upon freedom of information. The CBAA will follow up with TC.

Prior to closing the meeting, an opportunity was presented to Mr. Meunier to visit a Business Aviation operators to see the modern and proactive approach employed by business aviation operations. Mr. Meunier agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity and would follow up with Anthony & Bob.

Finally, Anthony and Bob would like to reiterate their appreciation to those who submitted questions or recommended topics for discussion before the meeting. Over the coming weeks, articles will be published in CBAA Weekly to expand on these. Should your question not be addressed, or if you would like further information, please contact