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Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) - Radio Altimeters (RadAlts) consultation

Last week, an industry-based consortium, that includes the CBAA, submitted comments to Transport Canada's RadAlts consultation request regarding the mitigation impacts for 5G C-Band interference with aircraft radio altimeters. In the release, we noted that response to Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) was also being prepared by the same group to comment on their proposed technical standards for 5G.

Here is the letter sent to ISED on Friday 10 March 2023 on SRSP-520, issue 3, Technical Requirements for Fixed and/or Mobile Systems, Including Flexible Use Broadband Systems, in the Band 3450-3900 MHz and RSS-192, issue 5, Flexible Use Broadband Equipment Operating in the Band 3450-3900 MHz. This joint industry initiative was designed to ensure that aviation concerns are adequately understood and addressed all the while recognizing the telecom industry implementation of 5G technology.

Updates will be shared as information is received.

TCCA Initiative to Modernize the SMS Regulatory Regime
As part of Transport Canada Civil Aviation's (TCCA) initiative to modernize the Safety Management System (SMS) regulatory regime, external stakeholders consultations were held in July 2022 to further inform TCCA's regulatory development including any future guidance, promotional and educational materials that may be required to support the initiative.

TCCA SMS modernization includes extending SMS requirements to design and manufacturing organizations, move existing SMS provisions under CAR 107, and align the domestic framework with the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Annex 19 structure. Subsequently, TCCA will propose further extension of SMS requirements to Aerial Work (702), Air Taxi (703), and Commuter (704) operators, all Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMOs) and Flight Training Units (FTUs) respectively. No changes to Private Operators (604) have been planned.

This above noted consultation and enclosed external consultation summary report was primarily centered on the introduction of SMS requirements for design and manufacturing organizations and is shared for information only.

TCCA has advised that next steps for the SMS modernization initiative are:
- The Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) - Winter 2023
- Canada Gazette I - Spring 2024
- Canada Gazette II – TBD

Here is Interim Order # 79. The press release for Interim Order # 70 is here. There are no consequential changes to this Interim Order, the updated version is simply a renewal. This document has also been posted to the Secure Supply Chain Information Management System (SSCIMS).

Here is CASA 2017-09, issue number: 02 - USE OF HOLDOVER TIMETABLES AND HOLDOVER TIME DETERMINATION SYSTEMS IN HEAVY SNOW CONDITIONS, effective 2023-02-17 that has been posted to the Civil aviation reference centre website.