Update for our members and operators flying into and out of CYYZ

Early on Friday, Oct. 5th, we received word that an inaccurate notice went out within our industry regarding the reservation program proposed by the GTAA. Here is a sample:

Your association is focused on continued access at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) Reservation Program will start November 20th. We are working to simplify the process and communicate the relevant information to you when it is ready.

*There will be no allotment limits or caps when it starts on November 20th*

As many of you know, we've always taken the position that there is no reason for the reservation program at Pearson. More specifically, terminal constraints are not an issue for BA operations and as such only air movements controlled by Nav Canada should be the concern. Know that your technical committee which consists of a cross-functional team of BA Operators, Nav Canada and the GTAA is focused on continued access. Here's the latest information as we have it today from the GTAA. 

Nov 20th 2018: ACDM reservation program goes live:
Operators/FBO's can make their reservation request 72hrs prior. By definition, flights expected to operate into or out of Pearson on the 20th will be able to make the reservation request on Nov 17th. **CYYZ Based operators have 30 days in advance.
- Reservations will be made using a website provided by their third-party vendor OCS. *Each tail number will be permitted to book both a departure an arrival reservation at a time.
- No limitations or allotment caps for BA operations.
- Stay tuned more details and training to be provided as developed by the GTAA.

For all our operators, know this is not the end. We're focused on the access issue and are shaping additional strategies to influence what occurs to our operations at Toronto Pearson.