Getting to Know your CBAA Team!


Aime O’Connor
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO and Director of Administration

“What a privilege to work with such a truly fascinating industry. Business Aviation offers efficiency, flexibility and speed all while working with passionate professionals for the same cause!”

Favorite Aircraft: “Gulfstream G550 – great design and performance, 12,501 kilometers nonstop.”

Favorite Airport: “Vancouver International Airport – great accessibility and I love that you can see the mountains from the terminal”



Lindsay Berndt

Membership & Communication Services Manager

“An unexpected turn of events brought me to the CBAA where I quickly fell in love with this ever changing and ever growing industry. I truly enjoy expanding my knowledge of BA and working with, and for, our members!”

Favorite Aircraft: “Although I it is hard to pick just one, the Falcon 8X caught my eye at the CBAA’s 2018 convention. Its long, sleek and comfortable interior captures your attention.”

Favorite Airport: “Calgary International Airport. It is a modern and clean airport and so easy to travel between terminals on the electric shuttle.”


Merlin Preuss
Vice-President Government & Regulatory Affairs

“I’ve spent the last twenty five years of an aviation career, which began when I joined the RCAF 1967, associated in one way or another with business aviation.   It has grown and thrived in that period despite the many challenges it faces due to the dedication and expertise of the business aviation people no matter what role they play.  I am proud to be associated with them and look forward to continuing to do my part to assure the continued growth of business aviation.”

Favorite Aircraft: “While there are many high end, spectacular business aviation aircraft, my favourite aircraft remains the Cessna Citation, the workhorse of small and large business aviation operations alike.”

Favorite Airport: “Admitting a little home town bias, the Ottawa airport has everything the traveller needs close at hand and is effectively managed (baggage service aside).”

Debra Ward
Marketing and Industry Relations

“Serving Canadians from all walks of life, all across this huge country, there’s a lot more to business aviation than many people know.”

Favorite Aircraft: Bombardier Business Jet’s Global 7500 is a massive, sleek and powerful machine that cements Canada’s position as a leader in business aircraft manufacturing.  BRAVO!

Favorite Airport: “My favourite airport is Montreal-Trudeau thanks to fond memories of driving to “Dorval” in the early 1960s with my father to watch the jets take off and land.  Magic was real.”

Lise Hodgson
Event Coordinator

I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with CBAA.  It has allowed me to grow and learn new skills to create events for the unique world of business aviation.”

Favorite Aircraft: “The Hondajet has made an impression on me. It arrived at my first convention with the CBAA as a small-scaled model. It has grown just like me; we have taken this industry by storm!”

Favorite Airport: “Ottawa International AIrport.  As an international airport, you can get in and out without the hustle and bustle of other larger international airports.