De-icing / Anti-icing Procedures Message from TC

TC asked that we share the following with members.

The cold weather is upon us, and the season for de-icing is in full swing. As you may recall, the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) released recommendation A18-03  ahead of their final report publication on the investigation into the December 13, 2017 crash of an ATR-42 passenger plane in Fond-du-Lac, SK.  Residual ice on the wings of the aircraft was not removed before takeoff and the investigation team identified safety deficiencies in need of urgent attention.

Attention all air operators

·         Chapter 8 of TP 14052 provides guidance on the use and recommended practices for de-icing fluids application:

·         To learn more on preventative measures and de/anti-icing procedures, refer to chapter 10 of TP 14052:

·         Verify that the training portion of your approved ground icing program (AGIP) meets the most recent industry-accepted standards and practices: