CBAA to Form Working Group to Identify Problems Related to Flight Crew Member Hours of Work and Rest Periods Regulations

While we were successful in excluding 604 operations from these regulations, CBAA is forming an operator member working group for its 702, 703 and 704 members to identify the problem areas and seek solutions.  If you did not receive an email inviting you to participate in the working group and you would like to do so, please email Merlin Preuss at  If you would like to join the CBAA to enable you to participate in the working group, please contact Lindsay Berndt at

How are you affected?

  • CAR 604 – excluded, except for one minor provision
  • CAR 702 – regulations and a few other provisions NOW IN FORCE
  • CAR 703 & 704 – regulations come in force in four years (i.e. 12 December 2022).While that may seem enough time to address issues and problems with the new regulations, depending on the approach taken, there may not be much time at all. 


To keep up to date on progress in addressing the concerns with the regulations, please follow the topic at this link