CBAA Welcomes Edmonton Regional Co-Chairs Michael Stimac and Ben Wierenga

Michael Stimac

Michael has a life-long link with aviation and an extensive business background overseeing operations and corporate strategies in diverse geographical arenas including Dubai and Croatia.  “Aviation is something I have a genuine love for and have been passionate about my whole life. I learned to fly when I was 19 years old and continue to pursue my personal aviation interest as a private pilot, aircraft owner and lifelong student of general aviation.” In 2014, with a desire to follow his passion he sought a career in aviation in earnest. In 2015, he joined Aurora Jet Partners, an exciting brand with an excellent reputation, which made a superb entry for his business aviation career.  In June 2019, he founded Attune Aviation, with the vision of establishing a new type of air charter brokerage that leverages technology and business model innovation to usher in a new era of private jet travel built on community and the sharing economy. 

Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage daughters, and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta, School of Business in Management Information Systems. 


Ben Wierenga

Ben was born and raised on a farm North of Edmonton and still calls that area home. He is married and expecting his first child soon!

“I have been involved in aviation in one way or another since my mid teens and am still passionate about it today both recreationally flying and fixing small planes.”

Bens aviation career began in Villeneuve, AB working as a mechanic with small aircraft, flying pipeline patrols and crew changes, then moved to corporate work out of the Edmonton Municipal & International airports and now flying with the airlines for the last three and a half years.

“I had the opportunity to return to the 604 world earlier this spring as Chief Pilot of BDK Air on the Falcon 50, It has been a wonderful change. I have thoroughly enjoyed being back in corporate aviation and enjoy the family atmosphere this job brings not only with my employer and coworkers but with the other operators in the area and the CBAA members I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

I look forward to my involvement with the CBAA and meeting many more of its great members soon.”