Honorary Lifetime Membership Award


To recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA). Nominations for this Award is decided with the Nominations Committee and Board of Directors.


  • Candidates must have made a significant contribution to CBAA.
  • Candidates must be retired from the CBAA member company for which they worked during the time of significant contribution.

Doug Thierman


With gratitude for your contributions to the association as a member, director of the Board, as well as for your dedication to the Canadian aviation industry. 


Presented August 11, 2017

Abbotsford, BC

Past Recipients

Year    Award Recipient   Location
 2002  Ed Paul  Montreal
 2003  Hal O'Keefe  Calgary
 2004  George Hansen and Fred W. Hotson  Toronto
 2005  JD Lyon  Vancouver
 2006  Dennis Green  Montreal
 2007  Rae Audette  Calgary
 2008  Not Awarded  Toronto
 2009  Victor Bennett and Russell Payson  Montreal
 2010  Ed Jordan and Gregory Montgomery  Calgary
 2011  Ron Chafe  Calgary
 2012  Not Awarded  Toronto
 2013  Not Awarded  Vancouver
 2014  Gary Banks  Edmonton
 2015  Bill Clark  Montreal
 2016  W, Frank Burke  Calgary

Award of Merit -Nomination form


The Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) Award of Merit is granted to a person, company or group in recognition of an outstanding contribution to aviation.


May 1, 2018

Terms of Reference

  • The recipient need not be a member of CBAA.
  • The nomination must be made in writing with details covering the event or situation and rationale behind the nomination.
  • All nominations must be proposed and seconded by Association members in good standing at the time they are submitted.
  • The recipient will receive a commemorative memento from CBAA.

There were no nominees for the 2016 Award of Merit


Past Recepients

Year Award Recipients  Location 
 2002  Dennis Green and JD Lyon Montreal 
 2003 Bold  Calgary 
 2004  Chevron Canada Resources, Robert Martin & Frank Staskow  Toronto
 2005  John McNamara and Gerry Smith  Vancouver
 2006  Neil Mckay and John Maris  Montreal 
 2007  Ray Rohr and Robert Seaman  Calgary
 2008 Dennis Goll  Toronto 
 2009  Scot Harrold Montreal 
 2010  Bill Spencer  Calgary 
 2011  Mark Lapointe and Doug Thierman Calgary 
 2012  Not Awarded  Toronto 
 2013  Dayle Conlin Vancouver 
 2014  James McIntyre Edmonton 
 2015  Peter Ingleton  Montreal 

Safety Award 


The CBAA National Safety Awards Program was inaugurated in 1981 to recognize outstanding achievements by members in maintaining a high standard of professionalism and safety in their business aircraft operations.

Click HERE for further details

Pilot Safety Award - Application Form

  1. Awards will be granted to pilots of CBAA member companies who have completed 1,500 or more consecutive accident-free hours flown while in command of business aircraft. Successive awards will be made at 1,500 hour intervals.
  2. Co-pilots may submit all the time they are actually at the controls, or one-half of their flying time when approved by the Chief Pilot.
  3. Those pilots who have dual qualifications may elect to count their helicopter time toward the Fixed Wing Pilot Award but any hours claimed may not be counted twice.
  4. Flight time which can be substantiated by certified flight logs and/or company records should be used in calculations.

Company Safety Award - Application Form

  1. This award is granted to CBAA member companies which have completed 1,500 or more accident-free consecutive hours flown in the operation of business aircraft. Successive rewards will be made at 1,500 hour intervals.
  2. Flying time for all pilots, no matter how great or small, can be counted towards the Company Awards.

Canadian Business Aviation Schedulers and Dispatchers Scholarship

The scholarship is open to students (including air cadets) registered for aviation courses during the 2017-2018 academic year and to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who work for a CBAA-member company.  It consists of a bursary that covers both the institutional and expense components related to education and training.  The scholarship will be administered by a special CBAA committee chaired by Dolores Johnson, of Million Air.

Further information or to download the application form, Click Here.

The Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) promotes education and training as a means for individuals to increase their knowledge and professionalism. The Schedulers and Dispatchers Scholarship will provide an opportunity for current and prospective Canadian schedulers and dispatchers to receive bursary toward continuing their education.  

Join our current sponsors by donating $1000 annually for the next five years. For more information and to sign up click HERE.

CBAA Regional Top Amateur Pilot Award


The Webster Memorial Trophy Competition is an annual event committed to declaring the “Top Amateur Pilot in Canada”, sponsored by Air Canada - Flight Operations and contributed to by numerous companies and organizations from the aviation sector. Amateur pilots aspiring to a career in aviation can be proud to affirm that they have competed in one of Canada’s most prestigious aviation events.


This CBAA award is in conjunction with the John C. Webster Memorial Trophy Competition and will honour one top finalist in the region where the convention is held.


How is the finalist identified?

The winner will be identified through the Webster Memorial Trophy Competition. Canada is broken down into regions. All provinces are considered a region except the Maritimes and Ontario. Maritimes are considered one region while Ontario has 3 regions. Each region has 1 finalist.


CBAA will award a $1,500 education bursary made payable to the school to the region finalist where the convention is held. 


Hope Air Philanthropist of the Year Award  


To recognize philanthropic leadership by a CBAA Member who has shown a dedication to Hope Air’s mission of removing the barriers of distance and cost that separate Canadians from the specialized healthcare they require.   The Hope Air Philanthropist of the Year Award recognizes individuals or corporations with a proven record of exceptional generosity and who, through either direct financial support or in-kind donations, have demonstrated outstanding civic and charitable responsibility and whose generosity encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles within their spheres. Recipients will have played an active and leading role in “Getting Canadians to getting better!” and have made a significant difference in the lives of people through their support of Hope Air.  


The recipient will be a CBAA member. Candidate(s) will have provided leadership, service and/or outstanding support to Hope Air. To qualify for this award, a candidate must demonstrate outstanding commitment through financial or in-kind support, and through encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles toward philanthropy and community involvement.  

Nomination process:
This award will be chosen by Hope Air.  

Past recipients:
2012       Albatross Aircraft Corp.
2013       CBAA
2014       TrainingPort.net
2015       Kal Tire